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My blogs are private just to my fan club members! I can write dirty fantasies or keep you updated about my life with my blogs.

Fanclub Date: Nov 3rd @ 9:36am EST
Oh finally I have my admin access to fanclub, so I can put there a bunch of photos for you. Soon you can find there photos from my trips with belami, private photos, training, atc,. :)
Twitter Date: Aug 6th @ 12:04pm EDT
Finally it is here. My official twitter. Youcan follow me here @JeanDaniel_Live its the one and only real twitter page of me. Others are fake. So follow and enjoy :)
fake twitter Date: Apr 19th @ 3:53pm EDT
Pay attention everyone!!
Theres a twitter page called Jean Daniel Chagall. ITS FAKE, made by some sick stupid idiot person, who pretends to be me. I dont have any twitter and I will not have ever.
Now I call you all to arms!
All of you, who have twitter, please write under that photos that is a fake. Then other fans will see, that is not real and they will know that. Do the right thing now and protect justice!!
Thank you
Flirtphone Date: Oct 5th @ 5:27am EDT
I decided to create my flirtphone account here, which i will be turning on sometimes (few times per month) So we can talk even if Im not in studio ;-)
Schedulle Date: Sep 24th @ 3:00am EDT
Finally I found how that schedulle work on my profile, so now you can see when I will be online :)
Shooting time :) Date: Sep 10th @ 3:29am EDT
Wow, what a nice day. I going to shoot some fashion undewear today and tomorrow in Budapest. I will write abou it in my fanclub and will add some photos :) stay connected in
Menswear shooting day one Date: Sep 9th @ 4:06pm EDT
Jean Daniels Fanclub Date: Sep 5th @ 2:47pm EDT
I finally created my fanclub, where I will add photos, vids and stuff that you cant see anywhere else (from privacy, shooting movie, atc.) Special stuff for my fans :) Enjoy
Members get a 5% discount on my shows and VODs, plus I can give you free Members Only shows and you'll show up in my room in my special fan font color. If you join now, you'll immediately get access to my exclusive content, be able to post on our private